Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Parklands Terms and Conditions


  1. By entering the site you have agreed to abide by all of the terms and conditions except where compliance would result in a breach of the law or would compromise safety. If you do not comply with these terms and conditions you will be required to leave the site, and you will not be entitled to any refund of fees paid
  2. All fees must be paid in advance and you must vacate your pitch by 11am on your last day unless prior agreement has been made. Failure to vacate your pitch at the agreed time will incur an additional charge which may be greater than the normal overnight rate.
  3. Only drinks purchased in the bar may be consumed in the bar. Alcohol sales from the shop may only be made between 10am and 10pm (a sale is deemed at the time of delivery not payment)

 Outstanding charges will incur additional charges which may be in excess of the actual costs incurred.

  1. We will not tolerate any form of violence, actual or implied, either to our staff or to other visitors.
  2. Noise must be kept to a minimum between 11pm and 7.30am. No movement of vehicles or running of engines after this time
  3. Single sex bookings are at the management’s discretion.
  4. Seasonal pitches may not be sub let or re let. You may however have guests stay with or without you in your caravan subject to payment of the appropriate day visit charges.
  5. Fees for seasonal pitches are for a full season, there will be no refunds for early vacation. Where fees are paid by standing order payments must continue to the end of the season.
  6. Parklands will endeavour to keep the grass and hedges around seasonal pitches cut and trimmed. Seasonal pitch holders are encouraged to help but Parklands can accept no liability for death or injury howsoever caused whilst engaged in this type of activity.
  7. All caravans and motor homes must be kept in a clean presentable condition. If you engage outside contractors to carry out work you must obtain prior permission for them to enter the site, whilst on site contractors must abide by Parklands health and safety policy. 
  8. No more than 2 gas cylinders are permitted per unit with a maximum size of 15kg for Butane and 13kg for Propane. Cylinders must be correctly stored and secured. We reserve the right to use force to gain access to isolate the gas supply if we suspect a gas leak. All flexible hoses must be marked to comply with BS3212 and be less than 5 years old, all hose connections to be securely clipped.
  9. Electrical equipment on the site is regularly inspected and tested. Visitors must not tamper with or modify any equipment on the site. Visitors must not under any circumstances reset circuit breakers or trips. Hook up cables must be free from damage, of one continuous length, and must not exceed 25 meters. They must use suitable cable with a minimum conductor size of 2.5mm2 and be terminated with a blue 3 pole CCE type plug. Electrical hook ups are provided to supply power to the equipment normally fitted in a caravan. The use of additional electric heaters or electric radiant cooking equipment is not permitted. We reserve the right  to withdraw the supply of electricity without notice.
  10. Only reasonable amounts of rubbish placed in the black bins on site will be disposed of. Any item that will not easily fit into a bin must be removed from the site or an addition charge will be made for disposal. We Recycle Aluminium (Drink) Cans, Glass Bottles, Plastic Bottles and Cardboard. Please place these in the appropriate bins and not in the general rubbish.
  11. Children under the age of 14 Must be accompanied at all times by an adult when in the swimming pool area, and in the Bar Area.
  12. The equipment in the children’s play area is provided for the use of children under the age of 12, children in the play area must be supervised by an adult
  13. We will endeavour to open the pool during the times published elsewhere. These times may be amended without notice. No compensation is payable in the event of the pool or other facilities being unavailable due to weather or other conditions beyond our control. You must not enter the pool area when the gate is locked.
  14. Photographs and Videos may only be taken with the consent of all of those persons being photographed. No Photographs taken on site may be published either in hard copy or electronically without written permission from Parklands Holidays.
  15. During wet periods it may be necessary to restrict vehicle movements to minimise damage to the grass. During these periods you must park in the car park we reserve the right to charge for damage caused by vehicles and for the recovery of stranded vehicles.
  16. A maximum of 2 dogs are permitted per unit. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and must not be permitted to cause a nuisance to others. Dog waste must be placed in the bin at the end of the dog walk, not disposed of with normal rubbish. Dogs are not permitted in the Gardens or Play Area
  17. Gas Barbeques must be used at a safe distance from any combustible materials and raised off of the ground. Disposable Charcoal Barbeques are not permitted.
  18. Anyone found causing damage to any part of the park will be required to leave immediately and may be charged for the cost of repairs in addition to any lost fees.
  19. Parklands Holidays, Its Owners and Staff will not be liable for and loss, injury or damage however caused.
  20. Parklands Holidays may amend or add to these terms at any times. E and OE.


Parklands Reviews

What singles out this campsite is the friendliness and generosity of everyone we met. We stayed only for two nights on our first visit but even in this short time felt that we were part of an extended family. Tom and Helen, the wardens, owners and staff work very hard to support their visitors. ...

John and Maggie Ralston
Oct 25, 2015

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